Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeals consists of three (3) appointed members and one (1) alternate member. These members are appointed by the Mayor of Millington and confirmed by the Town Council. Terms as a member of the Board of Appeals are for three (3) years.

Maryland Massey
Term Expires: November 2023

Ann Kenney
Term Expires: November 2022

Marcia Fellows
Term Expires: November 2024

Patrick Randolph
Term Expires: November 2023

Powers of the Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeals shall have the following powers:

A. To hear and decide appeals where it is alleged there is error in any order, requirement, decision, or determination made by an administrative official in the administration or enforcement of the Zoning Chapter of the Millington Code.

B. To hear and decide on applications for conditional uses upon which the Board is specifically authorized to pass under the Zoning Chapter of the Millington Code.

C. To authorize upon appeal in specific eases, such area variances from the terms of the Zoning Chapter of the Millington Code as will not be contrary to the public interest where, owing to special conditions, the enforcement of the provisions of the Zoning Chapter will result in practical difficulties and injustices, but which will most nearly accomplish the purpose and intent of the Zoning Chapter of the Millington Code.


When a resident determines that they feel a decision made by the Planning Commission, the Mayor and Council, or the Town Administrator needs to be appealed; or a resident is asking for a variance, conditional use, special exception, or interpretation of an ordinance:

1) Complete and submit an application to request a meeting with the Board of Appeals; and

2) Submit the appropriate fee payable to the Board of Appeals of Millington to the Town Clerk.

Upon receipt of these items, the procedure will be followed as designated in the Zoning Ordinance Section 80-85.